Cradling Device Emulator on Windows 7 in VS 2008

I’ve been doing some Windows Mobile work again and keep getting an issue with the Windows Mobile Device Center and my emulator.  Sometimes when I cradle the emulator it works just fine, other times it doesn’t pick up the connection. 

It seemed rebooting fixd the problem, but I’m not gonna reboot everytime I cradle and un-cradle.

So I found another solution that seems to work, when you cradle and nothing happens, uncradle the device again and open up Windows Mobile Device Center, formerly ActiveSync on XP.

Under Connection Settings, click the checkbox to disable DMA connections.  Then hit ok.  Once that is set, reopen the settings and re-enable DMA connections.  Once the settings are applied you can go into the Device Emulator Manager and cradle the device again, it should work now!